Solotica Contact Lenses

Solotica Colored Contact Lenses Solotica Contact Lenses

Solotica contact lenses are a brand of lenses that are manufactured and sold in Brazil, however their brand can be found in many different countries. Their line of contacts include therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective-cosmetic which includes a nice selection of Solotica colored contact lenses. Additionally they manufacture a line of rigid and soft contact lens cleaning solutions to compliment their line of contacts.

Solotica Contact Lenses Since 1949

In business since 1949, the goal of its founder, Werner Hoffmannbeck, has been to bring the “possibility of seeing the world in a better, safer and more practical way” to their clients. This starts with the concern of the origin and quality of the raw materials used in their production as well as the technology used and the training their employees go through. This is a large part of the reason that Solotica contact lenses are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

Although being sold mostly in Brazil and recently the Middle East, you will also find Solotica contact lenses in the U.K. and more and more in many other developed countries. Oddly enough they do not seem to have caught on in the U.S. which does seem strange as they are fairly expensive most likely due to their quality and we Americans tend to spend more to receive better quality products.

Because of their lack of presence in the United States there are very few places to buy Solotica contact lenses online as can be seen by doing a simple search for them. You will find that every website that sells them is from outside the U.S.. This could be another factor as why they have not caught on in the U.S..Solotica Contact Lenses

Another part of the reason that Solotica contacts haven’t gained a foot hold in America is that the U.S. government makes it extremely difficult to ship contact lenses to the U.S. because they are classified as a medical device. This means that U.S. retailers have a difficult time acquiring this brand of contacts.

However, if you ever have the opportunity to purchase Solotica contact lenses I would recommend that you give them a try and compare them to other brands of contacts such as Freshlook or Acuvue to see the difference.

Solotica Colored Contacts Lenses Popular

One of Solotica’s most popular products is their Natural Colors, this line of Solotica colored contact lenses comes in ten different “soft” colors to choose from and can also be purchased to correct a variety of vision problems including low astigmatism and farsightedness.

Learn more about Solotica contact lenses.

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