Avoid Buying Contact Lenses Without Prescription

Contact Lenses without PrescriptionContact Lenses without Prescription

What’s the difference between contact lenses without prescription and contacts with prescription?

There are two types of contact lenses today. There is a group which is used to correct problems with vision and there is another group of contact lenses which is used strictly for cosmetic purposes.

The latter does not require any prescription, however, in the United States of America; merchants are prohibited from selling contact lenses without  prescription. This is to monitor the contact lenses sold in the market today.

A valid prescription also ensures that the lenses will fit your eyes properly and that you have been trained on how to use the lenses correctly and know how to care for your eyes. Consumers will not be breaking the law if they buy contact lenses without prescriptions in the United States or Canada; it is the company which will be breaking the law.


Today, the usual contact lenses which are sold without any doctor’s prescription are the plain contact lenses which are not for corrective vision and other types of contact lenses which do nothing but just enhance the way you look. However, it is still necessary to get a prescription even for cosmetic contact lenses.

Why? Because there is a parameter which is also referred to as the base curve of the eyeballs. You and your friends, as well as other people may not have the same base curve; this is why it is not safe to assume that you can just buy the very same contact lens which your friend has. Things like this can only be measured by an eye care professional. This will also help you make sure that you can fit the lenses in your eyes without damaging them.

There are certain rules for sellers of contact lenses to follow. Sellers can only provide buyers with contact lenses after they have presented their prescription from a valid doctor. For people who would like to buy contacts online, they must fill out a form which their details, as well as the lenses.

The seller will then contact the eye doctor who issued the prescription to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the prescription before making the sale final. This is a tedious process but this is process which will ensure the safety of both buyers and users of contact lenses, as well as legitimate seller.

When sellers ask the eye doctors to verify an order for contact lenses or a prescription, they are required to do so within 8 hours. Failure to do so will result to the prescription automatically being tagged as qualified or verified. Sellers are then able to sell contacts even without any communication from the eye doctor.

Furthermore, sellers are also required to keep important details about the prescription for every contact they sell, the requests they have sent to eye doctors and the response to each request they submitted.Contact Lenses without Prescription

Purchasing contact lenses online can save you a lot of money because they have discounted prices which are much lower compared to local stores. This is because they do not have to rent space or pay overhead fee like most shops do.

Some of the most reliable online sellers of colored contact lenses, as well as corrective lenses are ACLens.com, 1-800Contacts.com and CoastalContacts.com.

People who continue to buy contact lenses without prescription should be reminded that contact lenses do not fit all of us at all times. Your eyes are different from other person’s.

It is a must that you go the eye doctor to get the right fit and selection of contact lenses. At all times, you must avoid buying colored contact lenses without prescription and avoid risking your eye’s safety. Be smart!

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