Cheap Prescription Colored Contacts

Cheap Prescription Colored ContactsCheap Prescription Colored Contacts

If your looking for cheap prescription colored contacts and want to know the difference between these and cheap non prescription colored contacts then you have come to the right place.

The first and most obvious answer to this is that non prescription colored contacts are not going to correct any vision problems while prescription colored contacts will. Of course there is more to it than just this.

I’m sure you have seen some of the different cool contact lenses that people wear for Halloween or to costume parties, well these are one type of colored contacts that are non prescription and will not improve your eyesight, they are just for show. These are more commonly referred to as Halloween contact lenses. On the other hand you can find non prescription contact lenses that are colored and will just change your eyes to a natural color such as blue, green hazel or brown. Again, these will not improve your vision and are used just to give your self a little change in how you look.

One thing that you will notice is that you can usually get colored contacts non prescription cheaper than cheap prescription colored contacts, of course this doesn’t always apply to Halloween contacts. Another thing that you will notice is that any reputable dealer is going to require that you have a contact lens prescription even if you do not need any vision correction..

I know that sounds incorrect but it is true. Although you can find retailers who will sell you cheap colored contacts without a prescription any retailer that stands behind their product will require a prescription. There are two main reasons for this, firstly they want to ensure that you have contact lenses that fit properly and that you know how to properly take care of them and secondly because it is illegal for anyone to sell non prescription contact lenses without a prescription.

Now that you have an understanding of the difference between the two let’s talk about where you can find cheap prescription colored contacts. You can always choose your optometrist or a local retailer to purchase you contact lenses however you will usually find much better deals when you buy contacts online.

There are many well known retailers like 1800Contacts to choose from but many times you will find that these are not the cheapest places to purchase from because they spend a lot of money on advertising as well as rely on their well known name to get customers. In my opinion choosing a smaller company with less over head is where you will find the best prices on cheap prescription colored contacts. One place I suggest is

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