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Here at we strive to bring you the cheapest contacts you can find online.

That is why we have partnered with several different companies to provide you the largest selection of cheap colored contacts to choose from at the best prices.

If you have ever purchased contacts online then you know that you will almost always find the best contact lens prices by doing comparison shopping.

This website and its team hope to provide you with not only relevant information about contact lenses but the best places to buy cheap colored contacts online.

Cheap Colored Contacts Online

Why Buy Cheap Colored Contacts

Do you want a quick and easy way to change your look?

Have you always wanted to have different colored eyes?

Maybe you need the perfect accessory for your Halloween or anime costume or maybe you just want to freak out your friends with some spooky eyes.

With cheap colored contacts you can use them for whatever you want without having to spend a fortune.

Here at you will be able to find colored contact lenses to simply change your eye color or more specialized contacts such as Halloween colored contacts, Rinnegan contacts, Naruto contacts, Sharingan contacts and a whole selection of other cool contacts.

Do Cheap Colored Contacts Correct Vision Problems

This all depends on the particular style and brand that you purchase. You can of course find simple color changing contacts that are made to correct vision problems, additionally you can get these cheap colored contacts in what is called a plano version which just means they are non-vision correcting or non-prescription colored contacts.

When it comes to the different Halloween eye contacts you will usually find them in plano form which means you can’t use them to correct your vision. However, these days you will find more and more of these cool contacts that do correct your vision. In fact, believe it or not Walmart has started selling a line of crazy colored prescription contacts called Gothika. Gothika has a large selection of what would be considered Halloween contact lenses.

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Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Cheap Colored Contacts


No matter which type of cheap contact lenses you are purchasing, whether they are non-prescription color contacts, Halloween colored contacts or one of the other types, you always need a doctors prescription to make a purchase.

You may be wondering why you would need a doctors prescription to buy contact lenses that aren’t for vision correction but both of the main reasons are to help keep your eyes from being damaged by the lenses.

First by visiting an optometrist and getting a prescription you will know what size lenses you need to order. Secondly, any legitimate retailer is required to get a prescription from the customer before selling them contact lenses. This helps ensure you are getting a quality lens that is safe. There are many black market contact lenses being sold these days and they can and have done damage to peoples eyes.

Are Cheap Colored Contacts Bad for Your Eyes

Are Cheap Colored Contacts Hard to Put In

No, they are no more difficult to put in than any other contact lens. In fact, most cheap colored contacts you see today come with a visibility tint.

The visibility tint is usually green or blue and it is added to the lens which helps people see better during insertion and removal. The color is very light and it is guaranteed not to affect your perception of the world and your eye color.

Of course learning to put in your contacts correctly is something that you will learn when getting your contact lens prescription.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Colored Contacts

Basic Color Changing Lenses:

There are various companies today which make a wide variety of colored lenses. There are popular brands like Acuvue and Freshlook and there are also lesser known brands that you can choose from.

You will be able to find your standard cheap colored contacts from both local retailers, your optometrist or online from a number of retailers.

Halloween Colored Contacts: 

Typically you will not find many local retailers who sell any of the Halloween colored contacts, this includes anime and other specialty cool contacts. One exception to this rule is Walmart. As mentioned they are now selling the Gothika line of Halloween contacts and they are vision correcting.

You will however find many online retailers who sell these types of cheap color contacts, including well known companies like and lesser known specialty retailers like

One thing to note when buying cheap color contacts online is that the colors may not clearly represent how these lenses look in real life. It is also difficult to predict how a lens will look on a person, unless they wear it themselves. It is best to have a trial with different colors before you make a final choice on what color of contact lens to purchase.

Cool Contacts

Taking Care of Your Cheap Colored Contacts

Wearing contact lenses is not all fun and games. It is  your responsibility to make sure they are clean and to follow directions at all times or else you could end up with various vision problems some of which might not be able to be corrected.

Sharing contact lenses with other people is a very bad idea. This can cause severe infections and blindness. Contact lenses must also be cleaned and maintained with a special solution which can be bought at leading stores today.

Why Buy Contacts Online?

You can almost always buy your cheap color contacts online for a much lower cost than you will at a local retailer. Additionally you are sure to find a much better selection to choose from with an online retailer.

ACLens is a fantastic company to deal with and always has a great selection of cheap color contacts. Additionally they always ship your contacts our right away to reduce your wait time. If you want the best contact lens price and fantastic customer service then head to ACLens for your next pair of cheap colored contacts.

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